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Cut or Not? March 23, 2010

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a circumcized one or not? I like penises, penis’es, peni…what is the plural of penis?
Anyway I like them, I like the shape, the color changes, the way balls move without touching them, the whole thing!

What is a nice penis? I wouldn’t know…. I don’t mind if it is leaning left or right, or fully comes up or gets stuck at 90 degrees…all the same to me…all are workable & enjoyable.

Since I moved out to Turkey I’ve only encountered circumcised ones. Here it is a normal thing, all boys go through it…it’s a big deal. In Europe it’s not regular at all, and the only men that are cut are maybe jewish men and guys that choose to do so at an older age.

Maybe back in the days one would have said that being circumcised is more hygienic…but somehow I don’t believe in that….It would be like taking your toe nails off because there can be dirt under them.

In the beginning I had no idea what to do with the ones without skin…how does it work…does it even work? Hahaha but it didn’t take long to figure out. And I must say, I now prefer clipped ones over the unclipped. When during the summer periods I accidentally come across a touristy foreskin, I feel weird….all of a sudden the penis I enjoy so much looks a bit strange and freaks me out.

I think it has just to do with the fact that you get used to what you see. In the end….as I said before….I like penis!


House Party March 22, 2010

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Oh it was a lovely weekend! Me and the girls had a blast…..when I say blast, it basically means that I haven’t been out in a while and this was the best thing since ๐Ÿ™‚

After the night got started slowly, we hooked up with some of the guys and went to a lovely bar with some live music….for us to tolerate the music we had to drink….drink fast!

As it is winter, bars close early so we all decided to continue the evening at somebody’s house…..Now I like partying at somebody’s house. It is relaxed…we can smoke without going outside all the time, you can take your shoes off, and when you’re tired….you just crash!

While some where in the living room dancing, drinking and having fun….others where occupying bedrooms. Not for me this time. I can’t do it in crowded places!….also….with the gossip machine that never sleeps….it is good to keep some things to yourself!

Did hook up with a cutie though, that dropped me off home after a lovely breakfast….awww such a gentle man!


Chocolate Starfish March 17, 2010

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starfishing or not?I spent the afternoon in the sunshine having coffee with one of my friends. She’s a lovely Turkish girl, and one of few I have a nice friendship with.

I have learned a long time ago, I am extremely poor when it comes to giving advice to Turkish girls…..or mindset is just different and most of the time any advice I give fails…much like my own serious love life ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, we end up talking about a topic that seriously fascinates me here in this country; getting married young and secret relationships with people parents disapprove of.

She explains to me, like many others have that it is just seriously frowned upon to have a sexual relationship with anybody before marriage. However this is changing, and it is much the village and mountain folk that still hang on to this.ย  Strangely enough it also goes for families that are in a good position or come from money.
She continues that as a girl things are weird…on one hand family pushes you to get educated and an university degree, and once you have one, you should get married as soon as possible and start a family. Turkish girls lash out in all sorts of ways….MySpace is full of them ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what do you do” I ask “What do you do if you can’t have any sexual relations because you should enter marriage as a virgin“. Well apparently there are plenty of ways to have sex and in your mind still be a virgin…She tells me it is very common that you don’t have sex the regular way, up the bum is much better and your ‘virginity’ stays in tact.

I choke on my cappuccino…..up the backdoor?!?!?! what…with just any guy?!?!
Call me a prude, but that to me that is a special place…entry is not common, and access is only granted to a select few. All of a sudden it dawns on me that this is why some of the guys I slept with immediately went for the back side, only to be told off by me if anything bigger than a finger came close.

Wow…I hadn’t been shocked by anything in a long time…I now look at the cash register girl from the supermarket with completely different eyes!!


Oh you REALLY like sudoku do you

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date failWell last nights’ date wasn’t as splendid as I might have hoped.

Nice guy, but I’m sure he pulled the Jedi mind trick on me, for me to agree to go out with him.

In the non date surrounding that I met him in, he seemed nice enough and interesting, but once at the table it was a disaster…..

I agreed to meet him at the restaurant, instead of him picking me up, because I didn’t want my neighbor (walking gossip magazine) to log me in her book again ‘going out with man in silver colored car‘. Decided to wear something not too flashy or revealing…in the end he is Turkish…don’t want him to think I’m easy ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love the restaurant he picked, it is one of few places in this town with amazing food, so I do compliment him on that choice.

He was a gentleman; pulling out the chair, explaining the menu to me, pretending he knew about wine etc., but after the formalities the beer went flat! We had nothing to talk about….well that is not completely true…I am now an expert on SUDOKU!

Apparently he is very much into solving these puzzles and can talk about it, without breathing/eating/drinking for a very long time. I was surprised he didn’t pull out a pocket sudoko booklet so we could solve one together! I tried to move into other conversation topics by linking to the whole puzzle theme….”so if you like puzzles does it also relate to movies? I like movies like that, you know Memento…Seven” or “wow you are really into numbers, you could be on that TV show solving crimes!..do you know it?” and “I’m not that good with numbers…more the pictures & colors type…painting by numbers I could do!…What else do you like?“.

At some point I jokingly (but seriously) mentioned his food was getting cold, and that was I guess when he figured out he had talked himself into the ‘delete from phone’ category, and next to the steak, we could now also cut the tension with a knife.

While he’s trying to avoid my look and semi casually looks around the restaurant, I think this situation has to come to a pleasant end as soon as possible and I open my back up back up back up topic….football. At least that made us chat for at least half an hour without any awkwardness and gave me the perfect exit….

I have to go, English football is on tonight, I missed the match but I’d like to see the re-caps if you don’t mind

See football is my ultimate back up in this country…I don’t even like football, but Turks do and almost every night there is some match on TV. It is ALWAYS the perfect excuse to go ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 things that put me off in a woman March 15, 2010

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Oh I love women, love looking at them, love being with them! But there are many things in a woman that totally put me off. Living here in Turkey it is not hard at all to hook up with a girl/woman, it might have something to do with not sleeping with men before marriage or just in general the dirty mind that seems to flourish here…I have no complaints, many of my best escapades here have been with ladies.

Now as for the top 5 of things that seriously put me off:

1 – Foul mouths
As I have a total soft spot for extreme feminine type of women, what totally can put me off is a woman or girl that drops the f-bomb regularly. Not only the f-bomb but a foul mouth in general. Cursing, swearing and poor speaking (sort of Color Purple talk where it seems no correct sentences can be formed). This woman can be as hot as jalapeno peppers, but if she open her mouth and filth comes out….I’m gone.

2 – 70ies bush
I know we were all created in a certain way, and the hair has a specific reason to be there. Doesn’t mean we should leave it there and let it grow out of our panties! I can understand not everybody is in to the chicken cutlet look, but that area should be hairless or extremely short trimmed. In Turkey I have yet to run into a lady with a furry peach, here it is common practice for both men & women to have that area fur free. Taking a woman home, getting all excited and accidentally ending up in a forest is a reason for me to immediately evict you from the bedroom. (If she’s real attractive I would ask if I’d beย  allowed to take a razor to it before continuing). I think it’s fair to say that armpit fuzz and shin fuzz fall in to the same category.

3 – Arrogance
Some women are just more attractive than others. In the end it of course comes down to taste, but still….not everybody has the face & body of Venus. But women who think they’re better than whatever other people are out there, put me off. Sometimes you can see it in posture…quite often it is disguised as self confidence, only to find out it is arrogance by the way conversation is going and physical give aways. A woman that is arrogant turns instantly in to a troll covered with warts in my eye….very very off putting!
4 – Insecurity
Sure we are not all completely 100% confident all of the time, but women (and men by the way) that need constant reassuring, I find very unattractive. I find it so unattractive that it can actually anger me. Get on with it! Trust yourself, you don’t need a crotch to lean on for everything.

5 – Man imitators
I can be very short about this…Women that act like a man once you are in bed.
If I wanted to sleep with a man….I would have picked up a guy. No matter how much fun we had outside the bed…if you are one of these, most probably I will never call you again.
These are the most important things that put me off, however….I love the ladies, so I’m always open to compromise and persuasion!


5 things that turn me on in a man

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There is many thing I like in men, but not all of those trades or characteristics turn me on. I am not into looks much, but I would be telling lies if I said that first impressions aren’t 85% about looks.

Usually if guys tick most of these 5 boxes in my head, they have a real good shot of getting somewhere with me!

1 – Humor
A guy must be able to make me laugh! There is of course a fine line between humorous and a non stop stand-up routine, but men that are funny have a big big up in my book. I remember a night in a bar (a very long time ago) where 2 non descriptive guys were trying to get my friends’ and my attention. They were really doing a poor job and we asked them nicely if they could leave us alone. One of them asked me what I wanted to drink….I said “nothing, thank you“. A minute later the barman put an empty glass in front of me and said “It’s from the guy at the corner of the bar“….I ended up spending the whole night talking to him. We even had a few dates afterward.

2 – Smell
I think there are many many studies on this subject, but how a man smells (well a person really) is very important to me. Smelling nice doesn’t always mean a guy has to be dipped in aftershave, but I do appreciate somebody that smells good. I like heavy woody smells for men, it draws me in and it makes me want to take in as much as I can. However it can also be the smell of fresh washed clothes….you know when you smell the scent of fabric softener in a guys shirt or scarf.ย  So if a guy smells good and we end up in conversation, chances are I’m stuck to him like shit to a blanket.

3 – Deep voice
Oh…there is something about a deep dark voice that just makes me break out a sweat in a good way! A guy that has a dark toned voice can recite the phone book to me and it just automatically makes me want to sleep with him….provided he keeps spitting out words ๐Ÿ™‚

4 – Music knowledge
A man that is into music. Not just ‘liking a few songs here and there’, but somebody who is either a fan of a band or a lover of a music genre. Somebody that can talk passionately about music other than “that is a great track“. Music is something I love and to run into somebody that can describe their day by speaking in song titles or types of music is a total turn on for me. For example “I had a great day outside today, the weather was Morcheeba-ish“….hook,line,sinker…take me…take me now!

5 – Taking care of yourself
A man that takes care of his appearance is very attractive to me. This does not automatically mean a full blown metro sexual (hate that word!), but a guy that knows what looks good on him and that sort of shows he thinks about what he puts on after he took a shower. A guy that knows that it’s time to get a hair cut or a shave without people having to point it out to him. I don’t mind any clothing style…ifย  jeans look good on you…please wear them all the time. But I can tell how long you’ve had them and if the type ofย  jeans you’re wearing have evolved or are still stuck in the 80ies.

In general I don’t care if a guy complies with whatever image of ‘hot’, you can be overweight, wearing binoculars or have Michael Bolton as your idol; if you have 3 or more trades of the above, we will have a great time!


Size Schmize!

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size doesn't matterSteve asked me the other day if size really mattered…
As we are truthful with each other, I said it did….when you are referring to diamonds!

I can’t speak for all woman, so let me speak for myself; To me it doesn’t matter at all. Fact is there is only a certain depth it can go…it just doesn’t go any further ๐Ÿ˜‰

What does matter to me is girth, or as I call it fatness (girth has a disgusting ring to it…maybe because English isn’t my first language…i don’t know..it sounds horrible).
I like thick fat ones, they fill you up and make you feel good inside….I take a shorter fat one over a long one any day!

Steve has nothing to worry about, he pleases me in more ways than only with his Johnson, but somehow I can imagine why he asked. It must be the porn we’re watching! In most porn men have humongous members and they always seem to go into the tiniest of holes to make them look even bigger.

Porn is of course nothing like the real world, and anybody that has ever taped themselves having sex (and than felt the urge to hurl after watching it back) can comply with that, but it makes me wonder….does it have any effect on him?…is he sizing himself up with these porn men?

I’ll be sure to ask him next time it comes up, and than I’ll turn the question on him….does breast size matter?