A question of lust

Trying to act upon it as much as I can

House Party March 22, 2010

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Oh it was a lovely weekend! Me and the girls had a blast…..when I say blast, it basically means that I haven’t been out in a while and this was the best thing since 🙂

After the night got started slowly, we hooked up with some of the guys and went to a lovely bar with some live music….for us to tolerate the music we had to drink….drink fast!

As it is winter, bars close early so we all decided to continue the evening at somebody’s house…..Now I like partying at somebody’s house. It is relaxed…we can smoke without going outside all the time, you can take your shoes off, and when you’re tired….you just crash!

While some where in the living room dancing, drinking and having fun….others where occupying bedrooms. Not for me this time. I can’t do it in crowded places!….also….with the gossip machine that never sleeps….it is good to keep some things to yourself!

Did hook up with a cutie though, that dropped me off home after a lovely breakfast….awww such a gentle man!


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