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The one that got away May 7, 2010

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I think everybody that has been dating for a long time, has had several relationships etc. has marked a certain somebody as ‘the one that got away’.

I have one of those….man he was great, and the silly thing was…we were doing great together.
Our break up was basically caused because he literally left one day.
For two years I didn’t hear anything until I received a 4 word e-mail a few days ago….“Hey how are you”

Total shock!!
Is he back, why is he emailing, why so little words, what does he want, where’s he been, why did he go….and these are just the questions that flew threw my head the first nano second.

I mailed back saying: “hey stranger….good to hear you didn’t die”
Long story short….we agreed to meet for a date that weekend.

It was amazing, we talked about the ‘old days’, he apologized for leaving and explained why he did what he did, we laughed, we drank….and than I wanted to go home.

It was too much, all the feelings started rushing back again, and I have no idea what to do with them.
I’m sort of comfortable in my ‘safe’ relationship with Steve…I have no commitment really…But the idea that things with Mr Right might be as they used to be is so overpowering.

I feel weak, I feel I can drop everything again in a heart beat for this guy.

I didn’t call the next day, didn’t email, I hadn’t even asked for his new telephone number (now that I think of it…why didn’t he ask for mine?!?!)

Anyway….he’s back….and I’m torn…