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The one that got away May 7, 2010

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I think everybody that has been dating for a long time, has had several relationships etc. has marked a certain somebody as ‘the one that got away’.

I have one of those….man he was great, and the silly thing was…we were doing great together.
Our break up was basically caused because he literally left one day.
For two years I didn’t hear anything until I received a 4 word e-mail a few days ago….“Hey how are you”

Total shock!!
Is he back, why is he emailing, why so little words, what does he want, where’s he been, why did he go….and these are just the questions that flew threw my head the first nano second.

I mailed back saying: “hey stranger….good to hear you didn’t die”
Long story short….we agreed to meet for a date that weekend.

It was amazing, we talked about the ‘old days’, he apologized for leaving and explained why he did what he did, we laughed, we drank….and than I wanted to go home.

It was too much, all the feelings started rushing back again, and I have no idea what to do with them.
I’m sort of comfortable in my ‘safe’ relationship with Steve…I have no commitment really…But the idea that things with Mr Right might be as they used to be is so overpowering.

I feel weak, I feel I can drop everything again in a heart beat for this guy.

I didn’t call the next day, didn’t email, I hadn’t even asked for his new telephone number (now that I think of it…why didn’t he ask for mine?!?!)

Anyway….he’s back….and I’m torn…


House Party March 22, 2010

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Oh it was a lovely weekend! Me and the girls had a blast…..when I say blast, it basically means that I haven’t been out in a while and this was the best thing since 🙂

After the night got started slowly, we hooked up with some of the guys and went to a lovely bar with some live music….for us to tolerate the music we had to drink….drink fast!

As it is winter, bars close early so we all decided to continue the evening at somebody’s house…..Now I like partying at somebody’s house. It is relaxed…we can smoke without going outside all the time, you can take your shoes off, and when you’re tired….you just crash!

While some where in the living room dancing, drinking and having fun….others where occupying bedrooms. Not for me this time. I can’t do it in crowded places!….also….with the gossip machine that never sleeps….it is good to keep some things to yourself!

Did hook up with a cutie though, that dropped me off home after a lovely breakfast….awww such a gentle man!


Oh you REALLY like sudoku do you March 17, 2010

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date failWell last nights’ date wasn’t as splendid as I might have hoped.

Nice guy, but I’m sure he pulled the Jedi mind trick on me, for me to agree to go out with him.

In the non date surrounding that I met him in, he seemed nice enough and interesting, but once at the table it was a disaster…..

I agreed to meet him at the restaurant, instead of him picking me up, because I didn’t want my neighbor (walking gossip magazine) to log me in her book again ‘going out with man in silver colored car‘. Decided to wear something not too flashy or revealing…in the end he is Turkish…don’t want him to think I’m easy 😉 I love the restaurant he picked, it is one of few places in this town with amazing food, so I do compliment him on that choice.

He was a gentleman; pulling out the chair, explaining the menu to me, pretending he knew about wine etc., but after the formalities the beer went flat! We had nothing to talk about….well that is not completely true…I am now an expert on SUDOKU!

Apparently he is very much into solving these puzzles and can talk about it, without breathing/eating/drinking for a very long time. I was surprised he didn’t pull out a pocket sudoko booklet so we could solve one together! I tried to move into other conversation topics by linking to the whole puzzle theme….”so if you like puzzles does it also relate to movies? I like movies like that, you know Memento…Seven” or “wow you are really into numbers, you could be on that TV show solving crimes!..do you know it?” and “I’m not that good with numbers…more the pictures & colors type…painting by numbers I could do!…What else do you like?“.

At some point I jokingly (but seriously) mentioned his food was getting cold, and that was I guess when he figured out he had talked himself into the ‘delete from phone’ category, and next to the steak, we could now also cut the tension with a knife.

While he’s trying to avoid my look and semi casually looks around the restaurant, I think this situation has to come to a pleasant end as soon as possible and I open my back up back up back up topic….football. At least that made us chat for at least half an hour without any awkwardness and gave me the perfect exit….

I have to go, English football is on tonight, I missed the match but I’d like to see the re-caps if you don’t mind

See football is my ultimate back up in this country…I don’t even like football, but Turks do and almost every night there is some match on TV. It is ALWAYS the perfect excuse to go 😉