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5 things that put me off in a woman March 15, 2010

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Oh I love women, love looking at them, love being with them! But there are many things in a woman that totally put me off. Living here in Turkey it is not hard at all to hook up with a girl/woman, it might have something to do with not sleeping with men before marriage or just in general the dirty mind that seems to flourish here…I have no complaints, many of my best escapades here have been with ladies.

Now as for the top 5 of things that seriously put me off:

1 – Foul mouths
As I have a total soft spot for extreme feminine type of women, what totally can put me off is a woman or girl that drops the f-bomb regularly. Not only the f-bomb but a foul mouth in general. Cursing, swearing and poor speaking (sort of Color Purple talk where it seems no correct sentences can be formed). This woman can be as hot as jalapeno peppers, but if she open her mouth and filth comes out….I’m gone.

2 – 70ies bush
I know we were all created in a certain way, and the hair has a specific reason to be there. Doesn’t mean we should leave it there and let it grow out of our panties! I can understand not everybody is in to the chicken cutlet look, but that area should be hairless or extremely short trimmed. In Turkey I have yet to run into a lady with a furry peach, here it is common practice for both men & women to have that area fur free. Taking a woman home, getting all excited and accidentally ending up in a forest is a reason for me to immediately evict you from the bedroom. (If she’s real attractive I would ask if I’d beย  allowed to take a razor to it before continuing). I think it’s fair to say that armpit fuzz and shin fuzz fall in to the same category.

3 – Arrogance
Some women are just more attractive than others. In the end it of course comes down to taste, but still….not everybody has the face & body of Venus. But women who think they’re better than whatever other people are out there, put me off. Sometimes you can see it in posture…quite often it is disguised as self confidence, only to find out it is arrogance by the way conversation is going and physical give aways. A woman that is arrogant turns instantly in to a troll covered with warts in my eye….very very off putting!
4 – Insecurity
Sure we are not all completely 100% confident all of the time, but women (and men by the way) that need constant reassuring, I find very unattractive. I find it so unattractive that it can actually anger me. Get on with it! Trust yourself, you don’t need a crotch to lean on for everything.

5 – Man imitators
I can be very short about this…Women that act like a man once you are in bed.
If I wanted to sleep with a man….I would have picked up a guy. No matter how much fun we had outside the bed…if you are one of these, most probably I will never call you again.
These are the most important things that put me off, however….I love the ladies, so I’m always open to compromise and persuasion!


5 things that turn me on in a man

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There is many thing I like in men, but not all of those trades or characteristics turn me on. I am not into looks much, but I would be telling lies if I said that first impressions aren’t 85% about looks.

Usually if guys tick most of these 5 boxes in my head, they have a real good shot of getting somewhere with me!

1 – Humor
A guy must be able to make me laugh! There is of course a fine line between humorous and a non stop stand-up routine, but men that are funny have a big big up in my book. I remember a night in a bar (a very long time ago) where 2 non descriptive guys were trying to get my friends’ and my attention. They were really doing a poor job and we asked them nicely if they could leave us alone. One of them asked me what I wanted to drink….I said “nothing, thank you“. A minute later the barman put an empty glass in front of me and said “It’s from the guy at the corner of the bar“….I ended up spending the whole night talking to him. We even had a few dates afterward.

2 – Smell
I think there are many many studies on this subject, but how a man smells (well a person really) is very important to me. Smelling nice doesn’t always mean a guy has to be dipped in aftershave, but I do appreciate somebody that smells good. I like heavy woody smells for men, it draws me in and it makes me want to take in as much as I can. However it can also be the smell of fresh washed clothes….you know when you smell the scent of fabric softener in a guys shirt or scarf.ย  So if a guy smells good and we end up in conversation, chances are I’m stuck to him like shit to a blanket.

3 – Deep voice
Oh…there is something about a deep dark voice that just makes me break out a sweat in a good way! A guy that has a dark toned voice can recite the phone book to me and it just automatically makes me want to sleep with him….provided he keeps spitting out words ๐Ÿ™‚

4 – Music knowledge
A man that is into music. Not just ‘liking a few songs here and there’, but somebody who is either a fan of a band or a lover of a music genre. Somebody that can talk passionately about music other than “that is a great track“. Music is something I love and to run into somebody that can describe their day by speaking in song titles or types of music is a total turn on for me. For example “I had a great day outside today, the weather was Morcheeba-ish“….hook,line,sinker…take me…take me now!

5 – Taking care of yourself
A man that takes care of his appearance is very attractive to me. This does not automatically mean a full blown metro sexual (hate that word!), but a guy that knows what looks good on him and that sort of shows he thinks about what he puts on after he took a shower. A guy that knows that it’s time to get a hair cut or a shave without people having to point it out to him. I don’t mind any clothing style…ifย  jeans look good on you…please wear them all the time. But I can tell how long you’ve had them and if the type ofย  jeans you’re wearing have evolved or are still stuck in the 80ies.

In general I don’t care if a guy complies with whatever image of ‘hot’, you can be overweight, wearing binoculars or have Michael Bolton as your idol; if you have 3 or more trades of the above, we will have a great time!


Size Schmize!

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size doesn't matterSteve asked me the other day if size really mattered…
As we are truthful with each other, I said it did….when you are referring to diamonds!

I can’t speak for all woman, so let me speak for myself; To me it doesn’t matter at all. Fact is there is only a certain depth it can go…it just doesn’t go any further ๐Ÿ˜‰

What does matter to me is girth, or as I call it fatness (girth has a disgusting ring to it…maybe because English isn’t my first language…i don’t know..it sounds horrible).
I like thick fat ones, they fill you up and make you feel good inside….I take a shorter fat one over a long one any day!

Steve has nothing to worry about, he pleases me in more ways than only with his Johnson, but somehow I can imagine why he asked. It must be the porn we’re watching! In most porn men have humongous members and they always seem to go into the tiniest of holes to make them look even bigger.

Porn is of course nothing like the real world, and anybody that has ever taped themselves having sex (and than felt the urge to hurl after watching it back) can comply with that, but it makes me wonder….does it have any effect on him?…is he sizing himself up with these porn men?

I’ll be sure to ask him next time it comes up, and than I’ll turn the question on him….does breast size matter?


Go for the kill, or play coy?

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go for the kill or not?I met a nice guy…
Usually I’m not into ‘town’ guys as they can’t keep their mouths shut. And if residing in this country has taught me something, it is that it is more important what people think you do, than what you actually do. Gossip flourishes here and sometimes that can work in your favor, but usually in my case it doesn’t.

Anyway this guy…he’s educated, speaks eloquently, has a great sense of humor and is not all over me like a cheap suit. Which of course means I am really interested in pursuing him!
Not sure what strategy to go with here though, should I just be my forward and straight self, or should I be the less aggressive me and let him make a clear move first?

Of course I have already pictured in my head how it would be…..and it would be amazing!
We’d go for a nice dinner and we’ll have stimulating and clever conversation. Afterward we’ll go for a drink or maybe some dancing (however he doesn’t strike me as a dancer) and at that point I’ll decide if he can come home or not. I haven’t figured that part out yet in my mind!

For now I think I’ll leave it be… maybe I should accidentally bump into him some more to get a better feel of the situation ๐Ÿ˜‰


Introductions are in order

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The other woman...eeeeks!!I will most probably write a lot about this guy, so it is only fair to introduce him properly. Interwebz…meet “Steve”..”Steve”, this is the internet.

I met Steve about a year ago and little did I know he was pissing outside the pot! I fell for him hard and after he told me a few weeks later that he was married, my first reaction was “THAT BASTARD!”. After the initial shock and feeling like a moron, we spoke about it a lot and I asked him why he’d break that marriage vow.

He said he had not done it before, not like this….
Well I’m not a person to judge, and as much as that was a lie, I am not judging him….he has to take responsibility for his own actions. I didn’t want to break up though, we were having such a great time. So it continued and it still does.

I have found that this type of relationship works really well for me. I can share more than just the bed with somebody but in small doses. I don’t have to deal with any of the regular issues that are at hand in a relationship or marriage (kids, money, bills, boredom, monogamy).

There are no promises and hardly any expectations between us, we respect each other and leave each other be.
I would never want him to leave his wife, our relationship would not work if we’d be around each other 24/7. Interestingly enough I do not fantasize about him being the father of my children or anything along those lines….We just have something that’s best described as ‘best mates that also sleep together‘.

All this doesn’t mean there aren’t any little hick ups normal ‘couples’ have now and again. We have our own version of jealousy and disappointments/let down’s, but they by far don’t exceed the wonderful moments we share.

Do I feel bad about it? Do I feel like a home wrecker?
No not at all…I did…for about half an hour. I am not wrecking any homes, he chose to do this by himself. I won’t feel responsible if the marriage would blow up if our affair ever came to light. If he wouldn’t be with me, most probably he’d be with somebody else….the water goes where it can’t go.
I also don’t feel bad, I have met a wonderful guy that at this point in time fits what I am looking for in somebody I’d like to see regularly. I don’t feel bad about making myself feel good!

Anyway, you will be reading a lot about “Steve”….if we’ll stay interested in each other long enough ๐Ÿ˜‰


Baby steps March 14, 2010

Well this is the first post.

Of course it is about nothing special, other than me talking to myself on how I’m setting this blog up!

Being single and living in a foreign country,ย  some times gets in troubled situations. Most of the time I’m just enjoying myself. And when I’m not enjoying with somebody else, I indulge myself with my fantasies.
A lot of the time I feel alone, as I can hardly ever share ‘what happened last night’ or ‘do you think as well that…’, so I thought blogging would be the next best thing.

What will this be all about?
Me, who I’m doing, how I’m doing it, what I’d like to do, who I’d like to do it to, and in general what I think about ‘it’ and related matters.

In the end it is like eating, drinking and going to the pooper…..it has to be done!