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Cut or Not? March 23, 2010

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a circumcized one or not? I like penises, penis’es, peni…what is the plural of penis?
Anyway I like them, I like the shape, the color changes, the way balls move without touching them, the whole thing!

What is a nice penis? I wouldn’t know…. I don’t mind if it is leaning left or right, or fully comes up or gets stuck at 90 degrees…all the same to me…all are workable & enjoyable.

Since I moved out to Turkey I’ve only encountered circumcised ones. Here it is a normal thing, all boys go through it…it’s a big deal. In Europe it’s not regular at all, and the only men that are cut are maybe jewish men and guys that choose to do so at an older age.

Maybe back in the days one would have said that being circumcised is more hygienic…but somehow I don’t believe in that….It would be like taking your toe nails off because there can be dirt under them.

In the beginning I had no idea what to do with the ones without skin…how does it work…does it even work? Hahaha but it didn’t take long to figure out. And I must say, I now prefer clipped ones over the unclipped. When during the summer periods I accidentally come across a touristy foreskin, I feel weird….all of a sudden the penis I enjoy so much looks a bit strange and freaks me out.

I think it has just to do with the fact that you get used to what you see. In the end….as I said before….I like penis!