A question of lust

Trying to act upon it as much as I can

Introductions are in order March 15, 2010

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The other woman...eeeeks!!I will most probably write a lot about this guy, so it is only fair to introduce him properly. Interwebz…meet “Steve”..”Steve”, this is the internet.

I met Steve about a year ago and little did I know he was pissing outside the pot! I fell for him hard and after he told me a few weeks later that he was married, my first reaction was “THAT BASTARD!”. After the initial shock and feeling like a moron, we spoke about it a lot and I asked him why he’d break that marriage vow.

He said he had not done it before, not like this….
Well I’m not a person to judge, and as much as that was a lie, I am not judging him….he has to take responsibility for his own actions. I didn’t want to break up though, we were having such a great time. So it continued and it still does.

I have found that this type of relationship works really well for me. I can share more than just the bed with somebody but in small doses. I don’t have to deal with any of the regular issues that are at hand in a relationship or marriage (kids, money, bills, boredom, monogamy).

There are no promises and hardly any expectations between us, we respect each other and leave each other be.
I would never want him to leave his wife, our relationship would not work if we’d be around each other 24/7. Interestingly enough I do not fantasize about him being the father of my children or anything along those lines….We just have something that’s best described as ‘best mates that also sleep together‘.

All this doesn’t mean there aren’t any little hick ups normal ‘couples’ have now and again. We have our own version of jealousy and disappointments/let down’s, but they by far don’t exceed the wonderful moments we share.

Do I feel bad about it? Do I feel like a home wrecker?
No not at all…I did…for about half an hour. I am not wrecking any homes, he chose to do this by himself. I won’t feel responsible if the marriage would blow up if our affair ever came to light. If he wouldn’t be with me, most probably he’d be with somebody else….the water goes where it can’t go.
I also don’t feel bad, I have met a wonderful guy that at this point in time fits what I am looking for in somebody I’d like to see regularly. I don’t feel bad about making myself feel good!

Anyway, you will be reading a lot about “Steve”….if we’ll stay interested in each other long enough 😉